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Qigong allows us to access additional Qi, the energy which is our life force. And because energy is stimulated at a cellular level, deep physiological changes are initiated. In fact, people are often stunned by unexpected shifts in their health and emotional states, especially when the outcome was not even part of their primary focus for the practice! Once the body’s energetic wisdom is “re-ignited,” the possibilities are endless. We call it Healing Without the Mind. This is an exciting aspect of Qigong: The body is now energized to make decisions about when and how to rebalance itself.


Still the mind and nourish the body using this ancient Taoist practice of Qigong. This movement meditation is grounded in the principals of traditional Chinese medicine and is a healing practice for health and wellbeing

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Upcoming Qigong Classes

6:30am ~ 7:30am


11th September


Come still the mind, turn within and connect with your true consciousness, learn ancient Taoist techniques passed down from a long lineage of Taoist Masters to strengthen the internal organs, root oneself solidly, improved mental, physical & spiritual health. Connect to the forces and 5 elements to refine, store and multiply our chi life force.