Tao Garden Health Retreats

Feeling run-down? Overworked and fatigued ? Looking to kick-start some health goals? A Thailand health retreat might be just what the doctor ordered. From Thai / Chinese Tao Five elements fusion cuisine to lush chi invigorating scenery set in foothills of the South-eastern Himalayan Mountains, there’s something to suit every desire.

Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort is an internationally renowned healing centre founded by Taoist Meditation Grand Master Mantak Chia, immersed in 50 acres of beautiful gardens, ponds and hundreds of bonsai in the foothills of the South-eastern Himalayan

Mountains outside the hustle  bustle of Chiang Mai which is arguably one of the best places in the world for a healing journey. Guests can spend their time learning Qi Gong & meditation, as well as taking part in spa sessions and detox programs, personalised service and gourmet cuisine seal the deal.

It is a unique Holistic health centre offering physical, emotional and spiritual detox programs to live longer and healthier , the core of the healing experiences at tao gardens is you visiting the Pakua Integrative Health clinic, that specializes in offering an integrative approach to health. Our caring doctors and practitioners consider you as a whole being: mind, body and spirit. The clinic’s holistic philosophy draws from the Taoist foundations as taught by Grand Master Master Mantak, encourage you to draw on your own inner source of power to maintain true health and spiritual freedom.  Our international team of health specialists uses the latest methods from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Energy Medicine and Allopathic Medicine to determine the root cause of disease and to design a therapeutic program appropriate to your needs.

We encourage individuals seeking a holistic and attentive approach to healing to visit the clinic in the beautiful gardens of Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort. We welcome individuals from all over Australia , New Zealand &  South Africa and the rest of the world to stay with us and take advantage of the Tao gardens unique healing experience.

Let us organise your Accommodation with  Airport pick up and drop off.

Free health consultation on arrival

Our Expert health professionals Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor, Traditional Chinese Doctor, Nurse, Medical Technologist, Physical Therapist and Medical Consultant offer you a free health consultation in a variety of global health techniques.

Organic Diet: A variety of wholesome nutritious foods combined to balance the Five Elements according to the individual’s blood type.

Daily Exercise: The flowing motions and breathing techniques of Chi Kung & Tai Chi Chi Kung to strengthen the body.

Daily Meditation: Transforms emotional stress into vitality

Positive Thinking: Mastering the power of the mind to bring a positive attitude has a profound effect on our physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual health.

Eliminate External Toxins: Keeping a healthy lifestyle and detoxifying the body periodically improves the quality of our life and helps to prevent chronic diseases.

Promote Internal Cleansing: Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang are manual therapies that release physical and emotional blockages in the abdominal and genital area.

Herbal Supplements: The proper herbs in the correct amounts are an elixir for health & longevity

Organic Food

Enjoy your delicious, freshly prepared, organic meals in the tranquil atmosphere of the octagon-shaped Dining Hall, with its open sides overlooking a still-water pond. Help yourself to the variety of juices, teas and ionized water that are available all day. Our Joy of Juice Club has the ambience of a social club and the mission to provide delicious healthful juice blends designed to delight the palate, heal the body, and satisfy the soul. Our approach to your wellbeing – All the activities and treatments at Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort are based on the 7 Taoist Secrets of Longevity.

Salt Water Swimming Pool

xercise helps to improve your cardio-respiratory system, to increase your muscle strength/ power and endurance, to release mental tension, to stimulate bone growth, to increase the efficiency of your immune system and to slow down the progression of all chronic diseases.

Clinic & Spa

We offer every guest a total lifestyle transformation to achieve wellness and good energy with a full range of healing treatments, the focus of our program is on detoxification, healing, balancing and rejuvenating your mind and body.

Fitness Centre

Exercise helps to improve your cardio-respiratory system, to increase your muscle strength/ power and endurance, to release mental tension, to stimulate bone growth, to increase the efficiency of your immune system and to slow down the progression of all chronic diseases.

Juice Bar

Enjoy a drink in our spacious lounge bar, is a truly enjoyable experience – the views of the natural scenery – organic veggies & fruit

With a motto like ‘walk in. float out’ you know this Holistic health spa is going to deliver the goods. Apart from offering guests blissful spa treatments, enlightening Taoist Qigong workshops and enriching activities like bush walks and bird watching, this resort was built with the environment and community in mind. From serving locally-sourced organic produce to using spring & rainwater, this is an appealing retreat with genuinely green credentials.

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