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Inner smile meditation

Inner Smile Meditation for Good Health

Why do an Inner Smile Meditation?

We all have heard about meditation at some point in our lives. Right? It is the act of relaxing where the mind is induced in a state to concentrate both physically and mentally. Meditation has many forms and people do it to stimulate relaxation, building an internal vigor and to develop a strong connection with oneself. Inner smile meditation is one of most widely used techniques to give a new direction and promote liveliness. Inner smile meditation is perfect to treat stress and anxiety issues. You me, we all can perform this meditation and be the best of ourselves. The idea is to escalate the vital energy known as the “chi” using this inner smile meditation. It is to picture a smiley face in your mind such that it penetrates deep in your mind and soul. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Inner smile meditationHow to do Inner Smile Meditation?

Now you must be wondering how one can perform this meditation without somebody else to help them do it. It is actually pretty simple. Follow these steps in the morning and before going to bed and you will have a clear happy mind in no time.

1. Sit straight and feel relaxed

The first step is to make sure you are in a comfortable peaceful place where nobody else is going to distract you. Sit in a position where your back is in upright position and you feel in control of your neck and head.

2. Inhale and exhale

Now you need to start a rhythmic inhalation and exhalation sequence. Inhale deeply while noticing your abdomen rising and then exhale slowly making a mental note that you are letting go of the things that are bothering you.

3. Placing your tongue right

While you are concentrating on your breathing, find a comfortable place for your tongue on the roof of your mouth close to your upper teeth.

4. Smile fully

Start by smiling such that you feel relaxed and in control, gently and slowly smile like you would to somebody you love. All the while feeling good about yourself and making this sensation natural.

5. Concentrate on the Third eye centre

An important step, be attentive and concentrate while you move on to the space between your eyes. Now you will feel energy gathering and you will slowly drift into a relaxing state.

6. Energy in the Crystal Palace

Slowly moving from between your eyes to the centre of your brain you will feel energy flowing through your entire body, crystal palace is the space between the tips of your ears. Smile energy will then go back and forth between your eyes and the rest of your body.

7. Smile till it feels natural

Keep focusing on this smile energy, warmth and brightness will follow you. you can now smile down to the five major organs using the emotions, colour and elements. You will feel so relaxed after managing to smile until it feels so natural. once finished focus on the navel area and spiral the chi back to the tan tien feel warm and secure in your centre. Release the tip of your tongue when you think you have achieved the purpose of this meditation and all the energy is back safely in the navel area.

Results are astonishing. You will definitely love it once you get the hang of it. People are using this inner smile meditation technique to treat even PTSD. It is powerful and very invigorating. Be gentle and treat yourself with this amazing meditation every day and night.

Inner smile meditation rock

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The Jade Egg practice for women

Jade Egg – a practice that started long ago in the Royal Palaces of China was highly known to give benefits to the sexual organs of women, keeping them young even in the elder stages of life, just like those of an unmarried woman. The secret practice of the Jade Egg was also known for giving sexual and spiritual energy benefits to help women connected to themselves and helps them to store their chi.

jade egg butoonWhy pelvic floor strength and health is important?

Not many of us are well acquainted with vaginal weight lifting and the Chi muscle. This muscle can be strengthened using the Jade Egg. As the egg moves, you learn to recognize the location of the egg. There are certain areas in a females’ body that need proper time and attention in order to have a better spiritual as well as sexual health. These are the urinogenital as well as pelvic diaphragms. Consider these diaphragms to serve as the base for important organs. These diaphragms are not supposed to be let loose as this directly affects the leakage of sexual energies. 

The Egg Basics

Which Jade Egg size is right for you?

The shops having such goods have a wide range of eggs, varying in prices, sizes and materials. You are the one to decide what size of eggs would better fit your vagina. Usually smooth surfaced eggs are chosen with a medium size, by women. The smaller the egg, the more you would have to contract your muscles to make it move.

How to care for your egg

Care is an important factor here, so you need to boil the eggs once every two weeks using vinegar in a small quantity. Once you are done with this, simply wash the softened egg after every use.


  • Use a lubricant if you do not produce much vaginal fluid yourself when being aroused, and then use the egg.
  • Never panic if you think your egg is stuck somewhere in your body, just lie down, try and laugh. The egg would find its way out.
  • Be careful about not using the egg during your pregnancy.

jade egg

Why do the practice?

This exercise not only helps tone your lower abdomen, but also helps maintain healthy sexual organs. You can get more info about the Jade Egg Practice by coming to a workshop or reading more here. Your muscles would feel toned, leading you to feel more centered in yourself. So, go ahead and take a step towards becoming the Goddess of Sex.

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