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Green Bamboo Massage

Stem cell therapy australia

Green bamboo massage - Bone strength supplements. A healing tao australia green bamboo massage product on a blue mountainous background

✦   Use green bamboo massage so your bone marrow produces more stem cells

Green Bamboo Massage is a method of stem cell therapy. In the primary form of stem cell bamboo massage, a bundle of bamboo rods is used to strike specific energy lines along the body and limbs.

The bamboo rods create vibrations which serve to open the pores of the bones for the accumulated energies to access the bone marrow. These vibrations also shake any toxins out of the fasciae, muscles and internal organs, while breaking up deposits of uric acid and releasing tension from the body.

Experience the full lifeforce benefit of revitalising your bone marrow.

Watch the video below and learn how to use green bamboo massage as a bone strength supplement to promote healthy bones and stimulate bone marrow production. This helps your body produce more Stem Cells, boosts immune system function and expediates recovery from all types of ailments.

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