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Healing Tao
Guided Meditations

- with Adam Gokmen -

⚑️ Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit
& Six Healing Sounds

Get Mantak Chia Audiobook [Meditation]-Healing Tao Australia. Healing Tao Australia inner smile, six healing sounds and cosmic orbit audio meditations as a product

πŸ’œ Dear Healing Tao Family,

Hope this message finds you full of chi!

Get Mantak Chia Audiobook [Meditation]-Healing Tao Australia. Master Mantak Chia and UHT Instructor Adam Gokmen

Learn the techniques used by Taoist Grandmasters
to cultivate inner vitality and peace

Teachings of Grandmaster Mantak Chia are going online to let you experience a positive boost in your life-force and vitality. Explore the teachings of the Grandmaster as a guided meditation right from the comfort of your mobile phone or computer.

Master Chia has already shared many of his teachings online and students have reported feeling energy as they practice, even experiencing their mid-eyebrow region opening and feeling chi circulate in their microcosmic orbit.


UHT Instructor Adam Gokmen will be guiding you through three beautifully crafted audio meditations teaching you the secrets of the Inner Smile, Six Healing Sounds & Microcosmic orbit.

With heart,
Master Mantak & Adam Gokmen

Get Mantak Chia Audiobook [Meditation]-Healing Tao Australia. Master Mantak Chia standing infront of a waterfall and talking about the Tao Inner Smile technique.
Get Mantak Chia Audiobook [Meditation]-Healing Tao Australia. Master Mantak Chia training his group of Taoist students in Brisbane, Australia during 2019

☯︎ What you're going to learn

Each meditation is packed with techniques & wisdom to help you boost your spiritual development

Awaken the Inner Smile

Inner smile meditation is one of the most widely used techniques to build positive energy. This method of meditation is perfect to treat stress and anxiety issues. Everyone can perform this meditation and use it to become better versions of ourselves. The idea is to gather the vital energy known as the "Qi" using the 'inner smile'. Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Six Healing Sounds for Organ Healing

Negative emotions are stored in the body's organs. Over time, the accumulation of the negativity erodes the organs health and effects the person's quality of life. The Six Healing Sounds work to transform the negative energy stored in the organs into a healing energy.

This serves us better than holding onto the negativity and/or dumping it out onto someone else, because such emotional venting only serves to transfer the negativity onto another, and via the laws of Karma, eventually that same negativity will be revisited upon the person who sent it out in the first place.

Learn to circulate Qi through the Microcosmic Orbit

The β€˜Microcosmic Orbit’ is a classic Taoist Meditation for circulating and distrubuting qi energy through different meridian channels and connecting acupuncture points throughout the body. It is known to rejuvenate & re-energise the body and mind.

⚑️    Here's what you get with your purchase

  • 120 minutes of guided meditations hand-made with love.
  • 3x HQ MP3 recordings so you can boost your spiritual development on the GO!
  • 🎁 A free ebook by Master Mantak Chia on becoming a multiorgasmic human.
    WORTH: $60 AUD   FREE with this guided meditation package
Get Mantak Chia Audiobook [Meditation]-Healing Tao Australia. Tao meditations audio product featuring the inner smile, six healing sounds, micro cosmic and macro cosmic orbit

πŸ’œ Thank you for investing in your health

Get Mantak Chia Audiobook [Meditation]-Healing Tao Australia. Master Mantak Chia smiling and praying 2020 saying thankyou to his students

We guarentee that if you are dedicated in practicing these techniques, you will experience a tremendous improvement within your quality of life.


Any Questions?

We are happy to help 😁 Get in contact with UHT Instructor Adam Gokmen below