Mantak Chia World Tour 2020
Important Announcement

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💜 Dear Healing Tao Family,

Hope this message finds you full of chi!

Master Chia World Tour 2020
will be moving Online

Teachings of Grandmaster Mantak Chia go online to let you experience a sense of shift in your life-force and vitality. Explore the teaching of the Grandmaster in the comfort of your own home.

So as you can imagine it will not be possible for Mantak Chia to travel to Australia in these times we now live in. We are in a new paradigm, all of our worlds are shifting online - and so I’m happy to let you know that Master Chia will teach a global online seminar for his world Tour from October 03/10/2020 to 15/10/2020 that’s 12 full days of training for your flexibility & convenience.


This training is open to everyone – it’s ideal for those who wish to deepen their practice or for those who wish to become an Associate Instructor or Certified Instructor in the Universal Healing Tao System of Grandmaster Mantak Chia.

🔥   Grand Master Mantak Chia Online

~ 12 days of Tao training ~

Youtube video of Master Mantak Chia showing how the darkroom can naturally make DMT in the brain

Daily Schedule

09:00 – 12:00
1 Hour Break
13:00 – 15:00 (Paris Time)

Start Date

3rd - 15th October 2020


09:00 - 15:00 each day

☯︎ What you're going to learn

Each day is packed with tons of techniques & wisdom to boost your spiritual development

Awaken your Inner Alchemy - €150 per person

3rd – 4th of October 2020

Back to The Body Wisdom, Emotional Wisdom, Taoist Way to The Born-Again Process, learn about Wisdom chi kung & Inner alchemy basics, inner smile, harnessing the micro cosmic orbit, six healing sounds, chi self-massage, spinal cord breathing & primordial breath.

Iron Shirt and Tao Yin - €150 per person

5th – 6th of October 2020

Iron shirt Chi Gong – consists of 5 standing postures teaching the ability to root to the earth force, strengthening the tendons, muscles, bones and organs. Learn to pack chi in the fascia creating a chi belt. The result Is increased stamina and the body’s ability to fight disease and protect the organs from injury while strengthening the immune system.

Tao Yin Chinese Yoga – Tao Yin contains a wide variety of movements from lying down and squatting postures. These exercises circulate, adjust and regenerate the energy of the body specially the Psoas Muscle (the muscle of the soul) and serves to increase both vitality & relaxation.

Awaken your sexual Alchemy - €150 per person

7th – 8th of October 2020

Healing Love Workshop: Learn about the multi orgasmic man & women, the multi orgasmic couple, seminal kung fu & the Taoist secret of energy, body & brain orgasm, testicle & ovary breathing and how to transform your sexual energy.

Fusion of the 5 Elements Part I, II, III - €340 per person

10th – 14th of October 2020

Fusion of the Five Elements teaches the practice of Inner Alchemy showing you how to control the energies of your inner universe to better connect with energies of the outer universe. It teaches the essential first-level meditations in Taoist practice and more advance practices also known as Fusion of the Five Forces, for promoting self-healing and emotional and spiritual development. In the practices of Fusion I, II and III, by blending—fusing—all these forces together in the Pakua, any negative emotional qualities or imbalances from the organs are neutralized. The organs energy is transformed in the fusion processes. The transformed energy becomes a more refined & balanced quality of energy that is stronger and attuned to a higher quality. It is used to attract more primordial force - it feels like coming into ‘oneness with the Tao.’

Chi Training with Mantak Chia - €75

15th of October 2020

Grand Master Mantak Chia shares the secret teachings passed down by a long linage of Taoist masters.

🎁    + Claim €1,580 worth of free gifts

  1. Live recorded Chi Kung class each morning from 07:20 – 07:50am
    WORTH: €300   FREE
  2. Limited edition E-Booklet written by Mantak Chia on the 'Secrets of the Tao'.
    WORTH: €80   FREE
  3. Live Video Q & A with Master Mantak Chia
    WORTH: €400   FREE
  4. High Quality recordings of the seminar available for 1 month after the event
    WORTH: €800   FREE

Why we are moving online

Online Live Streaming is the new avenue of learning and connecting. Master Chia has already shared many of his teachings online and students have reported feeling energy as they practice, even experiencing their mid-eyebrow region opening and feeling chi circulate in their microcosmic orbit.

This online global seminar will be live with Master Mantak Chia teaching from Tao Garden and streaming to you in your own home using the platform Zoom ☞ click here to download.

There will be an opportunity to interact and ask questions. You will be able to follow the class as if you are in the room with him. There will be recordings available afterwards if you are not available for the class times. However, please try your best to organise your days around the arranged times. We will practice and meditate together as it will help to raise the chi around the planet. This seminar is structured in a coherent way to guide you layer by layer through the Tao practice.

This seminar is a Live Energy Transmission - he will teach techniques on cultivating energy, immunity- building, developing healing powers with Primordial Chi Kung, all of the Tao Basic practices to help manage emotions, which will help to navigate the times we live in. He will also teach the sexual energy practices of using Loving Energy that Heals to transform our body, mind and spirit.


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