The Taoist symbol for balance and cycles represented as the yin yang

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The Three Treasures [Jing, Qi & Shen]

by Grace Curley

"The Three Treasures” are the main forms of energy identified by the Taoist masters of Ancient China. These three energies are said to be essential to sustaining a healthy human life: Jing, Qi, and Shen (or Yi). In Chinese medical theory, the three constitute and govern the overall vitality and wellbeing of the body.

Jing is the most solid of the three energies, it makes up our material body. Qi is the kinetic, flowing or "fluid" energy which makes up and moves through your nervous system.

Don't worry, if you can't sense your Qi right now, there are a variety of Qi-Gong practices which are designed to increase your ability to harness and sense your Qi energy. Finally, Qi is transformed into Shen - the most "refined" form of energy in the human body - and is the energy used by "the Spirit" or what we call "the Mind".

Often jing, qi and shen are referred to as body, mind and spirit. In traditional Chinese medicine, the Tan Tian in the abdomen is associated with jing, the Tan Tian at the centre of the chest is related to qi and the Yin Tang point (third eye) is connected to shen.

In the old texts on Taoist meditation, the character for the word qi symbolises “fire”. Concentrating the mind on the lower Tan Tian (the energy centre in the abdomen) is analogous to boiling a pot of water. The concentration of the mind is the fire, the pot is the lower Tan Tian and the water is the jing. As the jing is heated, it produces the refined energy of qi. Through continuous practice, qi is further refined to produce shen (the spirit of vitality), which indicates a higher level of awareness and consciousness.

The First Treasure

JING (Vital Essence)

The first treasure is called “Jing,” which translates to “essence.” Essence is seen as the energetic basis for physical growth, development, and reproduction. Jing circulates around the body and is responsible for producing complex bodily substances such as neurons, nervous tissue, DNA, Chromosomes & bone marrow.

Jing is the energy that allows the human body to feel youthful and full of energy. When you deplete your Jing you will feel tired all the time, melancholic & generally down in the dumps.

🔥 To achieve this, we must learn ways to first build up our reserves of Jing energy.

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The Three Treasures of the human body

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