The Taoist symbol for balance and cycles represented as the yin yang

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An essential skill for powerful emotional healing

by Adam Gokmen

Everything is energy. When Taoists confront negative emotional energy, rather than seeking to destroy it or to dump it out, they use techniques to transform negative, sick energy into positive, loving, healing energy.

Negative emotions are stored in the body's organs. Over time, the accumulation of the negativity erodes the organs health and effects the person's quality of life.

Introducing the Six Healing Sounds

The Six Healing Sounds work to transform the negative energy stored in the organs and to transform them into healing light. Clearly, this is much better than holding onto negativity and/or dumping it out onto someone else because such emotional venting only serves to pass an emotional virus onto another and, via the laws of Karma, eventually that same negativity will be revisited upon the person who sent it out in the first place.

When negative emotional energy is transmuted, it can then be re-circulated throughout the Microcosmic Orbit to send healing energy throughout the body; healing organs, replenishing Qi and revitalising cells.

  • Lung sound = *SSSSS
  • Kidney sound = *WOOOOO
  • Liver sound = *SHHHHH
  • Heart sound = *HAWWWW
  • Spleen / Pancreas sound = *WHOOOO
  • Triple Warmer sound = *HEEEEE

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Beginners introduction to Taoism

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Inner Smile Meditation for Good Health

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The Three Treasures of the human body

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⋄ Alchemy Fundamentals

Jing Energy
(Energy of the body)

⋄ Alchemy Fundamentals

Qi Energy
(Energy of life)

⋄ Alchemy Fundamentals

Access the Shen
(Spirit / the Mind)

☯️ Level 3: Adept

⋄ Practical Exercise, Energy-work

Microcosmic Orbit: How to cultivate 'Chi' energy

⋄ Practical Exercise, Organ Healing

Six Healing Sounds

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