Mantak Chia World Tour/Gold Coast

SEPTEMBER 3rd 2020

Organ Regeneration

Sexual Alchemy

Dragon & Tiger Breath

Five Element Fusion

Microcosmic Orbit

Multi-Orgasmic Man & Women

DNA Renewal

Stem Cell Regeneration

Tan Tien Qi Gong

Six Healing Sounds

12 Animal Healing Postures

Spinal Cord Breathing

Detox Negative Emotions

What is the Healing Tao?


Tao means The Way, the path back to the source of life. Tao philosophy and practice teaches techniques for cultivating inner peace, virtues, sexual alchemy, longevity & spiritual wisdom.

If you are a person who seeks inner peace and believes that balance is the key to great health and harmony, then it is likely that you are already a Tao seeker.

Taoism has a long history, dated back 5000 years. Tao is the creator and the foundation of Chinese Medicine. It has now gained recognition as a profound Quantum Science among Western Universities.


9:00 - 10:00 am
Opening ceremony

The Science of Tao and Quantum Physics. Understanding and activating your ENERGY BODY
--- Mike Curley

10:00 to 11:30 am
Tao Born-Again Process

  • Learn Ancient Tao Practices to Harvest Cosmic Energy (Da Chi)
  • Learn How to Heal Yourself/Others and Prevent Dis-ease
  • Generating The Healing Power of Jing, Chi, Shen, ( Essence, Energy, and Soul )
  • Practice Tao Breath using Earth, Cosmic, Sound, Light, Chi

11:45 am to 12:45 pm
Awakening the Healing Power of Chi, Five Element Cycle, Microcosmic Orbit

  • Learn How to Conserve Energy and Prevent Energy Loss by Sealing Off Five Energy Leakage Points.
  • Learn Ancient Tao Techniques to Generate Life Force.
  • Learn Spinal Cord Breathing to Activate the Governing and Conception Meridians.

1:45 to 2:15 pm
Karmic healing with the Venerable Lama Lobsang Tendar

  • Karmic clearance; Obstacles clearance
  • Sound bath healing mantra to align all chakras and generate life force

2:15 to 3:45 pm
Recharging your Life Gate

  • Learn How to Harvest and Store Chi in Your Energy Reservoir
  • Relieve Stress Related Disorders: Insomnia, Headaches, Pain, Anxiety and Fatigue
  • Learn Tao Healing Tools to Heal Acute and Chronic Disorders Such As IBS, Asthma, Hypertension, Chronic Fatigue, Memory Loss, Anxiety

4:00 to 5:30 pm
Transform and Balance Negative Emotions

  • Learn How to Prevent Your Own Negative Emotions from Draining You
  • Learn How to Prevent Other People’s Negative Emotions from Draining Your Life Force.
  • Learn How to Safely Connect and Absorb Cosmic Energy for Self-healing.
  • Learn How to Use the Five Element’s Natural Cycle to Heal Liver, kidney, heart, lung & bowel disease

5:30 to 7:30 pm
Living Vision Practice

--- Led by Creative Alchemy World Leader Stephenie Sinclaire

7:00 to 7:30 am
Tibetan Yoga on the beach

9:00 to 10:30 am
Tao Cosmology and Astrology for Activating the 3 Fires

  • Learn How to Access the Primordial Force from the Six Directions
  • Learn How to Use Cosmic Chi Kung( Qi Gong) to Balance Yin/Yang, Regulate Five Elements, and Harvest Planetary Energy for Self-healing
  • Reprogram DNA; Activate and Recharge Pituitary Gland

10:45 am to 12:45 pm
Tao’s Whole Body System Healing Method

  • Learn How to Activate the Three Tan Tien Fire (The Field of Elixir, where the vital life force is stored)
  • Learn How to Activate the Three Heart Pumps
  • Learn How to Discharge Anger/Anxiety and Recycle Organic Emotions

1:45 to 2:15 pm
Medicine Buddha Empowerment with Lama Tendar

  • Tibetan Chanting to Dissolve Obscurations and Attachments That Cause Sickness
  • Regenerate Vital Force to Heal Body Weakness, Calm the Mind, and Uplift the Spirit

2:15 to 3:45 pm
Tao Bone Breathing and Marrow Washing Technique

  • Restoring and Energizing the Immune System for Acute and Chronic Infections
  • Creating a Powerful Shield to Ward Off Negative Energies and Pathogens
  • Clearing Negative Soul Attachments/Entities and Purifying Spirit

4:00 to 5:30 pm
Tao’s Cosmic Purification Technique

  • Learn How to Channel Cosmic Force to Purify Body and Mind, Eliminate Sickness and Bad Fortune
  • Learn Tao Chi Kung Massage Techniques to Enhance Chi/Blood Flow/Blood to Heal, Prevent Cancer and Chronic Disease

7:00 to 7:30 pm
Morning Chi Kung on the beach

9:00 to 10:30 pm
Tao’s Healing Love Practice

Learn How to Harness the Power of Sexual Wisdom to Experience Whole Body Orgasm.

10:45 am to 12:45 pm
Generating Sexual Power for Spontaneous Manifestation of Health and Abundance

  • Learn Tao’s Sacred Sex Techniques to Experience the Bliss of Whole Body Orgasm (Both Men and Women)
  • Learn Tao’s Healing Love Method to Heal Diseases and Enhance Vitality
  • Learn How to Use Sexual Energy to Enhance Manifestation Power

1:45 to 2:15 pm
Green Tara Healing

Activating Buddha of Protection; Buddha of Fertility, Healing and Abundance. ~ Led by Venerable Lobsang Lama Tendar

2:15 to 3:45 pm
Sexual Function Enhancement Practices

  • Sexual Health Initiation. (Critical information for young adults)
  • The Tao Secrets of Sexual Practice
  • How to Achieve Multiple Orgasms for both men and women
  • Learn the Unique “Sexercises” to Enhance your Love Life and Deepen Your Love Relationship and Marriage
  • Healing Premature Ejaculation, Impotence, Frigidity and Infertility

4:00 to 5:30 pm
How to Use Tao Sex Wisdom for Sexual Healing

  • Learn Sexual Organ Stretch/Exercises to revitalize Sexual Organ Health
  • Learn Tao Healing Love Techniques to Restore Hormonal Balances and Enhance Fertility
  • Tao Harmonizing Strategies for Prostate, Ovarian and Uterine Health

5:30 to 6:00 pm
Third Eye Activation with Universal Love and Violet Light

  • Activation of Higher Wisdom and Intuition Through Enhancing Pre-Frontal Cortex Function
  • Pineal Gland Activation and Enhancement

10:00 am to 12:30 pm
The Multi-Orgasmic Man

  • Harvesting and Conserving Jing: Full Body and Brain Orgasm for Healing and Spiritual Development in Men
  • Learn The Process of Achieving Multiple Orgasms for Men
  • How to Revitalize, Enhance and Preserve Masculine Virility and Strength

12:30 to 2:30 pm
~ Lunch Break

2:30 to 4:00 pm
The Multi-Orgasmic Woman

  • Awakening the Goddess Within: Achieving Multiple Full Body Orgasms
  • Harmonizing Pineal Gland and Pituitary Gland Function to Balance Sex Hormones
  • Creating Hormone Balance for Anti aging, Beautifying, Longevity and Sexual Vitality

4:15 to 5:30 pm
Taoist Secret of Seminal Kung Fu

  • Learn Tao Kung Fu to Restore Vitality, Mental Clarity, Enhance Memory and Longevity
  • Tao Kung Fu to Prevent Sexual Organ Diseases
  • Healing Prostate, Ovarian, Uterine and Menstrual Dysfunction

7:00 to 7:30
Beach Chi Kung

9:00 to 10:30
Fusion of The Five Elements For Quantum Healing

  • Working with the Eight Forces and Five Elements to Clear Negative Emotions and Physical Ailments At the Subatomic Level
  • Healing Internal Organs of Common Dis-eases


10:45 to 12:45
Forming the Four Pakuas and the Pearl

  • Tao Technology to Release and Dissolve Five Major Negative Attachments
  • Tao Practice to Revitalize Genes, DNA and Mitochondria Function

1:45 to 2:15
Buddha of Wealth and Abundance Activation

--- Led by Venerable Lobsang Lama Tendar

2:15 to 3:45
Opening Heaven, Earth and Cosmic Chi and Connect to Flow

  • Learn Cosmic Chi Kung Palm and Finger Healing Techniques
  • Treating Organ Disorders With Planetary/Star Chi
  • Learn the Locations of Energy Collection Points
  • Learn How to Control Five Senses and Enhance Super Natural Abilities

4:00 to 5:30
Opening the Bridge and Regulate Vital Meridians

Learn Tao Tools to Heal Insomnia, Hypertension, Back Pain, Headaches, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Degenerative Diseases

5:30 to 7:00
The Body Type Wisdom

One Man’s Food is Another Man’s Poison. Are You Eating The Right Diet For Your Body Type?

10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Tan Tien Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

  • Building A Powerful Vital Body System
  • Learn Tao Animal Qi Gong (12 Animal Postures)
  • Dragon and Tiger Breaths to Enhance Organ function, Vitality and Longevity

1:00 - 2:00 pm
Compassion and World Peace Chant

Graduation Ceremony

--- Congratulations :)


Cosmic inner smile

The Inner Smile is a powerful internal healing and relaxation meditation. Deep relaxation dissolves physical and mental tensions that can cause energy blockages and unhealthy Chi. The inner smile enhances the energy of organs and glands, our life force in general, and stills and focuses the heart and mind.

Six Healing Sounds

The Sounds that heal with related postures help to restore, balance and cleanse the vital organs. They stimulate the Chi flow throughout the body to enhance one's overall healing and vitality. Learn how to release any excess heat that may be trapped in the cooling sacs which surround each organ.

Chi Self Massage

Strengthen the sense organs, the teeth, skin and all the inner organs and glands using your own internal energy. Ten minutes a day will improve complexion, vision, hearing, sinuses, gums, teeth, tongue, internal organs and general stamina.

Healing Light of Tao

Comprehensive, basic & advanced instructions for realising your inherent energetic potential. Get in touch with your primordial energy, refine, transform and guide your life force through the acupunture channels making up the Microcosmic orbit.

Microcosmic Orbit

Learn how to do the prepareations correctly; Qi Gong warm-ups; Sitting positions; Inner smiling; Warming the Stove; Activating Sexual Energy; Gathering Tan Tien Chi; COnnecting with the Cosmos & Drawing the Cosmic Energy into your orbit, creating the Cosmic Orbit with the Universe.

3 Tan Tien 6 Directions

Opening the Three Tan Tien's to the Six Directions is a Qi Gong meditation that strengthens our connection to the Universe, opening us up to the primordial force of the Cosmos and the energy within Nature. We are dynamically connected to the infinite and infinitesimal.

Tan Tien Qi Gong

You will learn the Dragon and Tiger breaths that will turn you into an even stronger being. With Tan Tien Qi Gong you will develop even more of your Energy Force with these powerful and ancient Taoist breaths.

Wisdom Qi Gong

Wisdom Qi Gong teaches practitioners how to revitalize the brain: to repair function, increase memory, and expand capacity. Every day we use up so much of our brain's capcity to function that we have very little left at the end of the day. By thinking or worrying too much, the brain can use upto 80 percent of the body's entire energy reserve.

Stem Cell Qi Gong

More than 5000 years ago, the Taoist Masters discovered that our bodies have a marvellous regenerating, repairing & rebuilding power. By gently and gradually applying a hitting pressure on the body parts and vital organs, the old, sick and damaged cells will be completely broken up and fall out. The body wil then send it's resources to repair them, but only when damage occurs. The body sends it's own Stem Cells to repair and regenerate the skin organs, glands and all the body parts.

Master Mantak will be joined by the following facilitators

Lama Tendar

Lama Tendar is the chant master of his Holiness the Dalai Lama. He is the Holder of Wisdom, Compassion and the Guardian of the Earth. Tendar will be conducting healing sessions to help you remove the three poisons, clear ancestral karma, dissolve ancient vows, purify negative emotions and remove obstructions and obstacles.

Mike Curley

Mike is Australia’s leading nutritional scientist who created the household brand Inner Health Plus as well as more than 350 Practitioner Only products. Mike will be your host and MC, he will also be teaching the topics on The Science of Tao, Quantum Physics, the Neuropsychology of Love and Survival, Body Type and lead Quantum Meditation.

Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith

Stephanie is a visionary artist, a spiritual channel / activist, and a spokesperson for “I am presence”. She was a recipient of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Golden Jubilee Award. Her teaching on “Living Vision” will expand your mind to limitless creativity so you can bring the manifestation of your vision into alignment with your highest purpose.

Hong Curley

Hong is a Chinese Medicine Practitioner. Having conducted 38,000 healing sessions, Hong has profound experiences in the field of relationship psychology. An author of five self-help books, Hong will be facilitating the workshop.

Adam Gokmen

Adam is Master Mantak Chia’s Australian coordinator, the founder of Healing Tao Australia, a Chi Kung instructor and a Tao teacher. Adam will be facilitating the event and providing on going support and teaching workshops on Chi Kung, Inner Smile, Tao Yin, Microcosmic orbit, Healing Love, Iron Shirt, Five Element Fusion and Tao Breath.

Join Grand Master Mantak Chia for a 6-Day Intensive Tao Healing Workshop in which he imparts immesurable healing and powerful Tao healing tools to put power back into your own hands

Vitamins, drugs, surgeries, and diets are no longer enough. You must now develop self-healing, self-transforming and self-upgrading abilities to master your wellness destiny.

The Science of Tao:
Primordial Force and Dark Matter

The whole Taoist practice is involved with how to evoke the primordial force in order to be reunited with it in out body. Primordial Force - an aspect of Dark Matter - fills the whole universe.

The Taoist understandings state that our Earth is the energy centre of the galaxies of our universe. This point of view is supported by the most reputable scientists of today in the field of Quantum Mechanics.

Primordial Force

We are well-positioned and well-suited for the all-important process of drawing upon the primordial force for our life maintenance, refinement and evolution. Fortifying ourselves with this essential resource enables us to manifest the amazing wonders of our human evolution.

Integrating Immortality:
Sexual Essence, the inner child and the immortal spirit body

Sexual Alchemy

Tao Masters teach that the sexual energy generated in lovemaking is a critical element for spiritual development. One learns to cultivate, control, conserve, refine and store sexual energy in the body to grow and attain their Immortal Spiritual Body

Inner Child

Through Inner Alchemy processes, one refines immaterial (sexual energy essence and healthy positive energy) generated from material (physical body) and sources of Earth, nature, planets and the universe.

Through Tao practice, one can become energetically 'pregnant', and create and nurture a crystallised energy 'foetus'.

By learning Tao's born again practice, one can feed, transfer consciousness and train this energy body to grow like a healthy child.

Immortal Spirit Body

The goal of Tao's practice is to grow a 'Golden Light Body' which is one's immortal vehicle for spiritual freedom.

It transcends the limits of the physical world of time and space, while still living in the here and now.

The goal can be attained and experienced in this lifetime through practicing Tao. It is the ultimate meaning and purpose of life!

Rooting Qigong: The Grounding Qi

Positive Personal Engineering

Taoist history goes back 5000 years, Tao's understanding about life is the same as Quantum Science of today. The term 'Primordial Force' equals to 'Dark Matter' in Quantum Science terminology (the subtle sub-atomic entities).

Ancient Tao masters discovered that when conception happens, our cells draw in the primordial force and a process of cellular intercourse occus. Master Mantak created a Universal Healing Tao System which teaches how to cultivate the Heaven and Earth Primordial Force to genetically enhance new versions of our DNA through the power of 'positive personal engineering.'

6-Day Training on Universal Healing Tao System

Tao Healing
  • The Body Wisdom
  • Emotional Wisdom
  • Inner Smile
  • Six Healing Sounds
  • Chi Self-Massage
  • Tao Born Again Process
  • Self-Pleasure
  • Spiritual Sex
  • Sexual Kung Fu
  • Sexual Organ Massage
  • Sperm Preservation
  • Tao Energetic Physiology
  • 5 Element Fusion
  • Dragon and Tiger Breaths
  • Multi-Orgasmic Man & Women
  • The Multi-Orgasmic Couple
  • The Taoist Secret of Sexual Transformation
  • Whole Body & Brain Orgasm
  • Testicle & Ovary Breathing
  • Awakening-Healing Light of the Tao
  • Spinal Cord Breathing & Primordial Breath
  • Wisdom Chi Kung & Inner Alchemy Basics
  • Harnessing the Micro-Cosmic Orbit
  • The Life Elixir Collection Qi Gong
  • 11 Animal Postures
Light Being

Free Download



Learn ancient self-healing systems from a living master

Reverse Aging

Enhance Sexual Vitality

Generate True Happiness

Deepen Love Relationships

Heal & Prevent Dis-ease

Create Greater Wealth

Third Eye Activation

Expedite Spiritual Growth


Gold Coast, Australia

Mantra on View

22 View Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD

- The Date -

August 29th - September 3rd 2020

- The Time -

Registration from 8:00 am (9:00am start)


Tao means ‘The Way to Live in Harmony with Nature'

It’s principle is Flow with Life. Struggle makes you sick, flow makes you well. The Tao symbol is the Yin and Yang circle called Tai Ji, which means the Supreme Balance. The Yin contains Yang and the Yang contains Yin. The Yin and Yang are not opposites, rather, they are complimentary. They generate and control each other to create constant balance

So you can say Tao is a Living Practice that teaches people how to create balance and generate Vitality, Health, Longevity and Happiness in life.

Tao Living practice is a system of self-healing, generating health and longevity dating back 2500 years. Tao practitioners are trained to live and work in synergy with the universal laws. It teaches people how to harvest Quantum Light Energy to live a long, vital and happy life

There are literally hundreds of levels of Tao Practices.

Some basic core study subjects are: Five element healing; Cosmic Healing Sounds; Awaken Healing Light; Wisdom Qigong; Iron Shirt Qigong; Tao Healing Love; Sexual Initiation; Sexual Vitality; Sexual Alchemy; Tao Yin Yoga; Inner Alchemy; Fusion of the Five Elements; Iron Shirt Qigong; Chi Nei Tsang; Tao Internal Detox; Cosmic Tree Healing; Elixir Qigong; Karsai Nei Tsang; Cosmic Healing; Reprogram Negative emotions; Stem Cell Qigong Healing; DNA Update.

These core studies offer extremely powerful technologies and tools in self-healing, self-transformation and self-empowerment. It is imperative for people to learn these basic Tao Healing Techniques to live a really healthy life.

Yes, of course. Most definitely. You will be learning from a true Master, the best master of the world. Master Mantak will impart immeasurable wisdoms and teach you many powerful Tao healing and transformational techniques to help heal your dis-eases, enhance your vitality and stimulate your spiritual growth.

Yes and no. You can learn pretty much everything online nowadays. The beauty of coming to this event is that you are receiving instant energy transmission directly from a true master. The master’s presence is a power grid. Since we are all connected through the Quantum field—with the master’s intention to impart wisdom to you, and your intention to be there being open to receive—just by being next to the master, you can receive powerful energy transmissions from his high vibration, as well as becoming extremely receptive to learn and master these techniques.

This event will benefit all people. It is imperative for every single person on this planet to learn how to recharge your bio-battery, how to modulate your stress-hormones, how to discharge negative pressure, and how to revitalise and renew yourself on a day-to-day basis in order for you to keep well.

This program is particularly beneficial for health practitioners, healers, life coaches, personal trainers, company leaders, doctors, nurses, business managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, school teachers, competitive athletes and general hard-working people. These people shoulder lots of responsibilities and live day-to-day with tremendous stress and pressure. Many of them struggle with health issues, mental illnesses, emotional traumas and physical sickness.

This program will tremendously benefit working parents, growing teens, couples who struggle with marital issues, sexual dysfunctions; women and men who suffer from infertility, menstrual pain, PCOS, menopause, sexual decline, chronic fatigue, breast cancer, prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety, anger, pain, insomnia, and all other stress related nervous system disorders.

Short answer

Tao practice teaches you how to create balance in your energy field. Since matter follows energy, when your energy field is in harmonic resonance with nature, your body goes into a state of homeostasis; hence, your whole system goes into a state of balance and harmony. Since sickness and disease do not co-exist with balance and harmony, they simply disappear. And yes, these methods have been validated by Quantum Science.

Long answer

Many thousands of years ago, ancient Chinese sages and Tao physicians received revelations that the human body is a pure light system designed to communicate with the light network of the Universe and mutually benefit each other. This system can heal and regenerate itself by harvesting and working with the network of light energy from nature or the cosmos. They developed human meridian systems and acupuncture points; discovered energy storage reservoirs, energy collection points, three hearts, second brains, energy pumps, five element fusions, and Yin and Yang dynamics. Eventually, these systems morphed into a powerful self-healing system for generating health, sexual ecstasy and longevity.

The physician of the first emperor of China, Qi Po, developed China’s first Medicare system in which the doctor would only be rewarded when every villager was well and happy. As soon as one person got sick, the doctor’s reward was taken away. The doctor’s job was to teach Tao Practice to every single person.

Tao sages recognized that the nature of reality is pure consciousness. Through hundreds of years of practice, meditation, contemplation and purification, Tao sages have developed a system to teach people how to harvest cosmic qi, store the qi in the Field of Elixir, recharge your bio-battery regularly, dispose and recycle organic emotions, discharge toxic feelings, conserve sexual energy, practice internal Qigong, cultivate love, and protect the Life Gate. As long as people did these simple practices, they lived to 200 years with vitality.

In 1994, James. J. Hurtak, the president of the Academy for Future Science, stated that the light system discovered by the Tao sages is related to a fifth circulatory system of a subtle nature, related to quantum and sub-quantum processes. In recent years, Quantum biology, biophysics, and wave genetics are also bringing scientific validation about the existence of a multidimensional energy matrix that interpenetrates the human biological body. Science has validated that this light body is a hyperfield; a multidimensional energy matrix that organizes the subatomic, atomic, molecular, cellular and organic processes through varied subtle energetic interactions.

Tao masters also discovered that the human body is a bio-computer with the capacity to reprogram, recharge, and rewire itself through focused intention. In China, traditional Chinese medicine doctors use sophisticated advanced Tao Practice of Astrology to diagnose and treat diseases. This Chinese Medicine Tao practice is referred to as ‘Wu Xing Lui Yun’, meaning ‘Five Elements and Six Astrological Patterns’. This practice takes into account the patient’s birth date, time and location to map up his or her life path based on Chinese BaKua and Ba Zhi; a form of internal Fengshui that maps out the person’s strength and weaknesses. The Tao doctor then prescribes herbs and Tao healing practices for the patient to create harmonious relationship in the internal organ system and external environment. This practice has long been a secret of Traditional Chinese doctors for many centuries.

It is literally a tremendous blessing that you are going to be taught by a true living master of our time. We live in the era where technology is taking over our lives. We are drowning in the sea of information, but starving for true wisdom. Master Mantak’s teaching will be both timely and life saving to say the least.

What is more powerful than you becoming a Tao doctor for yourself and your loved ones? This 6-day intensive program is designed to give the power back to your own hands. It was designed by Master Mantak himself.

The future is happening now. For the next decade, life will be very challenging. Whether it will get better or worse, really depends on your choices today. Right now, the old Darwinist model of evolution is getting reshaped into an understanding of creative alchemy and spiritual evolution in which you are in charge of your own genetic destiny.

The Healing Tao practice is opening doors to a spiritual approach to medicine and healthcare in which both ancient and modern systems of restoring health work together for the highest good of all.

Taoism works with Consciousness and light for thousands of years. The spirit of Tao is returning to Science and medicine as more people study and understand quantum physics. The embrace of Tao healing practice by western practitioners adds a new breath of life to the practice of medicine, allowing us to move from a reductionist model of medicine to a regenerative model of healing potential.

Tao is urgently needed to help you create inner and outer balance so you can thrive through the challenging times with your foot firmly on the ground, heart flourishing in joy and spirit soar free.

Returning Tao practice to our daily life is like returning a mother to a baby.

We recommend the minimum age to be 15, but it really depends on your parenting philosophy. We cannot discriminate beings based on their age nowadays. There are many indigo children walking amongst us. They are simply old souls living in young bodies. If you have brought up your children in a spiritually sound environment, they are respectful and can sit through daylong workshops then, by all means, bring them.

Master Mantak will be teaching sexual alchemy. If sex is a taboo in your household, and your child has not been exposed to the spiritual concept of sex, you won’t find a better place and time for them to learn about it from a true master. Master Mantak will be teaching the sacred nature of sex, science of sex, sexual anatomy, sexual alchemy, masturbation, sexual addiction, conservation of sperm—which most teens struggle with—and more.

We respect your choice, but we will not recommend it. Attending to one or two days will be like going to a movie, watch one quarter of it, and walk out. It would not be fair to you or the movie.

Tao Healing is an internal healing eco-system. The 6-day intensive is the minimum amount of time it requires to teach you the core system in which you can build on going forward. Nothing on this planet is more powerful than this Tao Self-healing System. This is a spiritual technology developed 2500 years ago by the Ancient Chinese sages. It stood the test of time for many centuries and now it is finally available for western people to learn from a true master.

Master Chia had to teach 5000 Chinese people before he could receive permission from his master ‘White Cloud’ to teach the western people. This is a system that needs to be valued, respected, and cherished. We recommend that if you are not prepare to attend the 6-days, please wait until you are ready to make the commitment before attending.

No, it does not. Please bring your own healthy snack. There are plenty of food choices around the event venue.

The event venue is called Mantra On View, Surfers Paradise. They have provided very good room rates for our attendees. Please quote “Healing Tao Australia” when you make the booking—they will provide you with a discounted rate. We also recommend the Three Towers of Chevron Renaissance. It is a couple of minutes walk from the venue; it is a beautiful resort with world-class facilities. If you come as a family or in a group, sharing an apartment is very economical. It will only cost $30 to $50 per person if 4 people share one apartment.

No, there isn’t. Many Tao practitioners bring their clients and families to attend this event. The program is structured in a way that benefits both new and seasoned practitioners. Many practitioners do return year after year for immersion and transmission.

Yes, there will be many options for your on going support.

  • You can attend weekly classes for on going practise and immersion conducted by Adam
  • You can attend Tao Teacher Training Certifications certified by Master Chia
  • You have a choice to enrol as our Inner Peace Ambassador (IPA) and participate in our Global Inner Peace Movement ( GIPM)
  • You can join the facebook inner peace support network
  • You can join a membership site where you can get access to numerous teachings and master classes by Master Chia
  • You can visit Tao Garden Resort and Spa for Tao detox, dark room DMT experience, and Tao Tantra retreat

No. We don’t believe in payment plan, because Tao’s principle is Flow. The nature of abundance and prosperity is Flow. Payment plan is not Flow. It is obstruction and scarcity. You may say you can’t afford it, but this is not true. You can always afford things you value.

We believe this program is for people who are willing to make the commitment to better themselves and are willing to pay for it, not just in terms of money, but also in terms of valuing their own health, happiness, inner peace and spiritual growth. The investment of $250 a day is nothing compared to what you will receive from the Grand Master. People pay $500 an hour to see the master personally at his resort. Here at the event, you have him for 7 hours a day. It is such a valuable, unbelievable investment.

Besides this, we can’t emphasise enough the importance of your health. How much will your success be worth if you are sick and unhappy? Please treat your health with respect, and pay rightfully for what it’s worth.

Adam Gokmen

Universal Healing Tao Australia

West End, Brisbane, QLD 4101

Phone: 0401 584 415


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