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Direct Path

Intensive Instructor Training

  • Training Requirement

    160 hours (4 week-long retreats or equivalent training) This path does not require you to be an Associate Instructor but it has higher prerequisites which are One year of practice & 100 hours of prerequisite training

  • Home Study

    Read books or practice with Home Study DVDs related to Tao Energy Basics. See www.universal-tao.tv

  • Prerequisite Training

    100 hours of preparatory training may be facilitated by any level of Instructor. Hours may include: week-long retreats, weekend workshops, classes or private instruction

  • Personal Practice Requirement

    A minimum of one year in the UHT Prerequisites and Supportive Practices (best if daily), is strongly recommended before attending an Instructor training. A solid practice of the UHT Basics builds the foundation for Instructor’s holistic development within the UHT System.

  • Prerequisite Subjects

    A minimum of 40 hours needs to be in Core Subjects:

    • Tao Energy Basics (min.16 hours)
    • Healing Love (min. 16 hours)
    • Iron Shirt I (min.8 hours).
  • Training Subjects

    The 160 training hours are acquired in the following way:

    80 hours in Core Subjects

    • Tao Energy Basics (min. 40 hours)
    • Iron Shirt (min. 15 hours)
    • Healing Love (min. 25 hours).

    60 hours in one or more of these Branch Practices:

    • Tao Yin
    • Tai Chi I, II
    • Fusion I, II, III
    • Iron Shirt II, III

    20 hours in any of these Additional Practices:

    • Tan Tien Qigong
    • Qigong Warm-ups
    • Five Elements Theory and Application
    • Primordial Qigong
    • Taoist Astrology
    • Iron Shirt III (Bone Marrow Nei Gong)
    • Buddha Palm
    • Wisdom Qigong
    • Elixir Qigong
    • Stem Cell Qigong
    • Deep Healing Qigong
    • Five Element Qigong
    • Eight Extraordinary Qigong
    • Chi Nei Tsang I
    • Cosmic Healing I
  • Study with Master Mantak Chia

    It is strongly recommended to study with Master Chia in any course before becoming an instructor. If that is not possible, then train with him within 3 years of being certified. Some exceptions may be granted due to challenges of locations or economics. If you cannot travel and personally meet Master Chia we require studying with his video courses or joining www.universaltao.tv

  • Letter from Trainee

    Write why you want to become an instructor. It is recommended that the instructor prepare a course outline.

  • Interview / Test by UHT Senior Instructor and UHT Instructor

    Your evaluation will include the following subjects:

    • Microcosmic Orbit
    • 6 Healing Sounds
    • Inner Smile
    • Chi Self Massage

    Your grounding will be tested in Iron Shirt (Tree, Turtle, Urn)

    NOTE: If you are upgrading for Iron Shirt (all 6 postures), Healing Love, Tao Yin and/or Tai Chi will be tested.