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Become a Healing Tao
Certified Instructor

Become a Tao Instructor [Certified] - Healing Tao Australia. Healing Tao Australia Logo

We enjoy sharing these ancient Chinese meditative and internal energy practices passed down by masters from China. Each class and workshop I hold is different and may include a number of practices such as; Chi Kung warm up exercises, chi self massage, inner smile meditation, tao yin yoga, 6 healing sounds, QiGong, micro cosmic orbit, iron shirt Chi Kung, healing love, fusion of the five elements and breathing techniques. If you are interested in joining my mailing list for 1-on-1 tutorials please get in contact ☞ info@healingtaoaustralia.com

Why Become a Certified Instructor?

Cultivate Inner Peace

If you are a person who seeks inner peace and believes that balance is the key to great health and harmony, then it is likely that you are already a Tao seeker. Tao means The Way, the path back to the source of life. Learn practical and hands-on techniques for cultivating inner peace, understanding sexual alchemy & promoting longevity.

Re-balance the Mind

In our modern society, stress and anxiety are the most common cause of Brain Fog & depression. Learn ancient Tao techniques from Grandmaster Mantak Chia that will re-balance your heart-mind connection; helping you re-connect with your love of life and deepen your love relationships.

Heal the Body

Learn Comprehensive, basic & advanced instructions for activating your body's inherent energetic potential. Get in touch with your primordial energy, refine, transform and guide your life force through the acupunture channels making up the Microcosmic orbit.

- Step 1 -

Complete your Associate Instructor Prerequisites

☞   110 hours

  • Prerequisite Training

    60 - 70 hours of preparatory training before coming to Associate Instructor training, which may be facilitated by any level of Instructor. Training hours may include: classes, workshops, retreats or private instruction. Related experience will be evaluated and exceptions will be considered by the Senior Instructor.

  • Letter from You

    Write why you want to become an associate instructor

  • Complete the Core Subjects

    A minimum of 40 hours out of the 60-70 required needs to be in Tao Energy Basics

    • (Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit, Healing Sounds, Chi Self Massage)
    • Iron Shirt (Tree & Turtle)
    • Simple 5 Qigong Warm ups (Crane & Turtle Neck, Spinal Cord Breathing, Shaking, Sitting Meditation Warm ups)
  • Additional Study Subjects

    20 - 30 hours out of the 60 - 70 hours may come from the following lines of study:

    • Healing Love
    • Iron Shirt II & III
    • Fusion I
    • Tai Chi I
    • Tan Tien Qigong
    • Tao Yin
  • Personal Practice

    A personal daily practice in the UHT Basic Practices for a minimum of 6 months to one year is recommended.

- Step 2 -

Get Certified as an Associate Instructor
(Requires Associate Instructor Prerequisites)

☞   40 hours

  • Get in contact with a senior instructor for certification

    Requires 40 hours of training with a Senior Instructor

  • Interview and Evaluation with a UHT Senior Instructor and a UHT Instructor

    You will be tested on the following subjects:

    • Theory and Practice of: Warm up
    • Inner Smile
    • Six Healing Sounds
    • Microcosmic Orbit
    • Chi Self Massage
  • Teaching after Certification

    Associate Instructors are only allowed to teach Tao Energy Basics in the area where they live.

Gradual Path
230 hours

UHT Associate to UHT Instructor Upgrade Training

Direct Path
260 hours

Intensive Instructor Training