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So why is everyone raving about the Jade Egg?

A practice that started long ago in the Royal Palaces of China was highly known to give benefits to the sexual organs of women, keeping them young even in the elder stages of life. The secret practice of the Jade Egg was also known for giving sexual and spiritual energy benefits to help women connect to themselves and increase their Yin Chi.

Why pelvic floor strength and health is important

Not many of us are well acquainted with vaginal weight lifting and the Chi muscle. This muscle can be strengthened using the Jade Egg. As the egg moves, you learn to recognize the location of the egg. There are certain areas in a females’ body that need proper time and attention in order to have a better spiritual as well as sexual health. These are the urinogenital as well as pelvic diaphragms. Consider these diaphragms to serve as the base for important organs. These diaphragms are not supposed to be let loose as this directly affects the leakage of sexual energies

The Egg Basics

1. Which Jade Egg size is right for you?

The shops having such goods have a wide range of eggs, varying in prices, sizes and materials. You are the one to decide what size of eggs would better fit your vagina. Usually smooth surfaced eggs are chosen with a medium size, by women. The smaller the egg, the more you would have to contract your muscles to make it move.

2. How to care for your egg

Care is an important factor here, so you need to boil the eggs once every two weeks using vinegar in a small quantity. Once you are done with this, simply wash the softened egg after every use.

Extra info

  • Use a lubricant if you do not produce much vaginal fluid yourself when being aroused, and then use the egg.
  • Never panic if you think your egg is stuck somewhere in your body, just lie down, try and laugh. The egg will find its own way out.
  • Do not use the egg during pregnancy.

Why do the practice?

This exercise not only helps tone your lower abdomen, but also helps maintain healthy sexual organs. You can get more info about the Jade Egg Practice by coming to a workshop or click here to purchase a getting started kit. Your muscles would feel toned, leading you to feel more centered in yourself. So, go ahead and take a step towards becoming a Goddess of Sex.

Jade Egg Practice for Women - Healing Tao Australia. Yoni egg on a string held by a women

Jade Egg Practice for Women - Healing Tao Australia. A womens hand holding a yoni egg. Text displays multiple orgasms, increased libido, magnetic sexual energy Jade Egg Practice for Women - Healing Tao Australia. A womens hand holding a yoni egg. Text displays multiple orgasms, increased libido, magnetic sexual energy

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