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The Art of Qigong

Qigong is a martial art focused on moving meditation often taught alongside Chinese martial arts.

The practice has been in development for thousands of years and was used by many practitioners and warriors to improve their prowess in battle and to increase their ability to completely harness the Human body.

What problems does Qigong solve

The activity of Qigong is a holistic approach to solving many psycho-spiritual issues. After you solve the underlying psycho-spiritual issue, the physical solution will follow.

Amongst the benefits of Qigong include

  1. Greater awareness of breathing - which can be helpful for increasing your 'presence' and self-awareness

  2. Nervous system management

  3. Mental stress relief

  4. The real act of Qigong is to improve a practitioners ability to sense the energy in the muscular and nervous system - allowing you to, simply put, become more self-aware.

Benefits of Qigong Exercise - Healing Tao Australia. Black and white anatomical diagram of Qi meridian energy channels

Physically, Qigong can help with

  1. Building additonal muscular and tendon strength, Spine strength, muscular rehabilitation

  2. Blood vessel health and how well your organs work

    1. detoxifying organs

    2. increasing vitality

    3. cures brain fog

  3. Neuron genesis - the formation of new nervous tissue throughout the body

Benefits of Qigong Exercise - Healing Tao Australia. Xray of the human body as a skeleton, organs, veins and nervous system on a black background

Most people are happy with a simple physical exercise such as weight lifting, running or calisthenics.

This is a mechanical exercise, meaning that you perform it without feeling your body ... without knowing you're doing it. Without being there for it. Like a robot.

You may not even realise this. You might think to yourself, I am doing it.

But are you ...

How can you feel your body if you are thinking about something else?

How can you be aware of the sensations produced by the movement of your body if you are thinking about something else? If your mind is elsewhere?

Without feeling your body and being aware of its movements. You are not actually there ... which means it's pointless. You are just doing an exercise.

What is the alternative?

Real exercise - involves being present of your body, it's positions, movements and sensations throughout your nervous system.

As you increase your awareness of this process, your mind will begin to make automatic connections between the various components of the body.

Benefits of Qigong Exercise - Healing Tao Australia. A painting of a taoist monk in meditation with Qi energy moving through the nervous system

Leading to a hightened capacity for self-awareness and focus - curing anxiety, depression and brain fog. Later, potentially leading to a state of ecstasy.

This benefits every facet of your life and improves the way you interact with the world - in all aspects.

Your method of walking will change, your coordination and ability to solve problems will also change.

As you get better control of your body and muscular system, you will eventually be able to 'feel' the Qi energy within you.

Getting started ...

As a beginner, you may not sense anything. Your nervous system, is not attuned to these 'finer' sensations.

Just like lifting a weight, as you continue to exercise your awareness of your bodies movements and nervous function, your ability to sense 'Qi' energy will continue to improve.

As you continue this practice, the quality of the energy in your body will increase and certain factors will re-harmonious themselves. Fixing your body-mind-spirit from the inside-out.

"With an increase in your ability to 'sense Qi energy' you will be able to do things that the average Human can not."

Benefits of Qigong Exercise - Healing Tao Australia. Drawing of a taoist monk in horse stance with roots coming out of his feet

Such as:

  1. Circulate Qi energy around your body and organs
    - Heals adrenal fatigue

  2. Calm the nervous system at will and regain stable breathing
    - Which will help you get a handle on anxiety and addiction

  3. Regulate eratic mental function whenever you want and bring mental clarity.

  4. 'Project' your Qi energy. Learn force powers (like from Star Wars)

  5. Properly engage in advanced practices such as 'Turning the Water Wheel'
    - See Mantak Chia for more on this.

A practical Qigong exercise

How to activate the door-of-life

Most people in the modern age have never been exposed to teachings like this. And do not understand the importance of being present. The knowledge was hidden thousands of years ago and is only now being shared again to the general public.

If you continue - and start to understand the importance of feeling the sensations in your body - you will come to appreciate awareness.

Mastering your self-awareness, your human body and your mind - is the only thing that will help your journey your energetic ascension.

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