Wait 🎉 2024 Internal Alchemy Masterclass with Sarina Stone !

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Tired & sore?

Give yourself the gift of healing and relaxation

The gift of Qigong allows us to cultivate additional Qi, the energy which is our life force.

By doing this moving meditation, energy is created at a cellular level; initiating deep changes in the body, mind and soul. In fact, people are often stunned by the unexpected shifts in their health and emotional states.

Once the body’s energetic wisdom is “re-ignited,” the possibilities for healing are endless. This is an exciting aspect of Qigong: The body is now energized to make decisions about how and when to rebalance and heal itself.

Upcoming Brisbane Qigong Classes

+ Complementary ☕️ Coffee or 🍵 Tea

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13th January


6:30am ~ 7:30am

Come still the mind, turn within and connect with your body, learn ancient Taoist techniques passed down from a long lineage of Masters to strengthen internal organs and improve mental, physical & spiritual health. This is real Qigong and will teach you to connect to the 5 elements of your body to refine, store and multiply your life force (Chi Energy).