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Taoist Art Of Healing Ticket

- Energy Medicine Series ☞ Tao Training -

A ticket to Master Mantak Chia's Taoist Art Of Healing Energy Medicine Series

A gift from Master Mantak Chia - get a complete training on the Taoist Art of Healing. Study with a living Master and unlock the secrets of a 4,000 year old tradition.

  • ☰   Open your Meridian lines and Move Qi
  • 👁 Learn to project your Qi energy
  • 🫀 Rejuvenate major organ systems

MP3 Meditations

- 3x guided meditation package -

Healing Tao Australia guided meditations by Adam Gokmen

Treat yourself to three beautifully crafted meditations that will guide you through Tao techniques designed to assist you in your spiritual development.

  • 🔥 Heal the body with consciousness
  • 💚 Revitalise your organs with sound
  • 💫 Move Qi around the body

Jade Egg

- Tao Artifact -

Healing Tao Australia yoni egg which is made from white nephrite jade and has pink flowers in the background

As well as helping women reach the Big O in massive ways, the Yoni Egg has some excellent long-term health benefits. When used in combination with Taoist practices, it is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor

Bamboo Hitter

- Tao Artifact -

Healing Tao Australia bamboo hitter which is used to release toxins from the human body

This Qi-Gong tool creates vibrations which serve to open the pores of the bone marrow and revitalise the cells. These vibrations also shake any toxins out of the fasciae, muscles and internal organs, while breaking up deposits of uric acid and releasing tension from the body.

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- Summer 2021 ☞ Sexual Alchemy Training -

A ticket to Master Mantak Chia's 2021 Summer Live Retreat

Join Taoist Master, Mantak Chia and experience energy transmission to help accelerate your transformation, increase your Qi and harmonise your mind-body-spirit.

  • ⚡️ Master your sexual energy
  • 🧠 Increase vitality and brain power
  • 😁 Reduce depression/anxiety

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- Winter 2021 ☞ Interal Alchemy Training -

A ticket to Master Mantak Chia's 2021 Winter Live Retreat

Inner Alchemy Qigong goes deep into the body, right down to the cellular level and facilitates re-programming of the DNA ~ “This is real Qigong”

  • 👁 Discover your inner wisdom
  • 🌞 Cultivate internal strength
  • 💪 Build up internal power