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The Darkroom
Meditation Retreat

β€œWhen you go into the dark and this becomes total, the darkness soon turns into light.”

~ Ancient Tao Proverb

Introducing the Darkroom

The Darkroom is amazing for simple reasons. It gives you the best rest of your life because there is no light to hit your skin and there are no visual images (eliminating mental projections). Food is brought in, and a clean shower and toilet are 10 feet from your bed. Since you have no responsibilities or concerns, the total darkness totally relaxes the body and mind. You are sitting in the middle of the void and comforted as in the womb of your mother (climate control in the enclosed areas)β€”for the first time in your life since you originally left them both.


A Dark Room Retreat is a unique experience. It helps to quiet the mind and gives the body an incredible rest, supporting its own natural rejuvenation. Meditation in the dark naturally stimulates the pineal gland enhancing clarity and discernment. The nature of the Darkroom experience will flood your bloodstream with the anti-oxidant, anti-aging compound Melatonin. A dark retreat is an ancient healing practice, especially helpful during challenging times, or when you need a deeply restorative break.

During a dark retreat you eat, sleep and practice silently in the dark for as long as you please. We recommend a minimum of 3 days.

🧠   The Darkroom makes natural DMT in the Brain

Benefits of the Darkroom Experience

How The Darkroom will enhance your journey of Spiritual Development


This is one of the foundations for all other work. During the early days of the retreat, catching up on sleep, allowing the eyes to recuperate from the over-stimulation of our visual world, releasing the grip of mental concerns, plans, and agendas, and simply letting the energies settle creates the best vacation you may ever have.

Find the Inner Lights

Once relaxed and feeling at home in the dark, the Inner Lights may appear as well as possible images of space teachers, deities, colours, and shapes.

Identify your Imbalances

Imbalances in one’s energies can manifest as dull colors. Over time, as one becomes more open, balanced and awake, images clear as day may appear, not inside the mind’s eye but outside in the space of the retreat.

Enhanced Lucid Dreaming

Dreams and sleep become more lucid. Dreams will often take the form of teachings or participation in great mythological stories.

Awaken Continuous Awareness

A state of continuous consciousness arises in which there is no break in conscious awareness; meditation can continue during sleeping and non-sleeping hours.

Enhanced Sexual Alchemy

The Taoist Secret of Love and the Healing Love become very active, so that working with sexual energies and engaging in creative work become easier and more powerful.

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